Live San Damiano d’Asti with
the manifestation in program

Here you’ll find the principal manifestation in program, in which you’ll can participate to fully enjoy the city of San Damiano d’Asti, with its joy and its village activity.

Initiative proposed by the municipality

Exhibition consisting of:

  • Market of over 300 stalls
  • Exhibition of typical local and national products, in particular the wines of the regional wine cellar Colline Alfieri
  • Display of agricultural machinery
  • Amusement park for young visitors

Initiative proposed by the San Damiano Rally Club

It is a now more than established rally race that attracts visitors from the whole Region, now its 5th edition.

Debut instead for the historic rally scheduled in October, dedicated to fans of vintage cars.

The route begins and ends on the municipality of San Damiano, passing through the many beautiful hills of the area. The rally is therefore also an opportunity to visit the beautiful views of San Damiano.

The ASD on two wheels offers cycling tours on the trails of San Damiano’s hills, with e-bikes in the spring/summer.

Initiative proposed by the Municipality

Barbera Incontra is a festival that combines and culture.

During the three days of the festival, there are art exhibitions, li5terary presentations, interviews with the protagonists of current events, musical events with leading artists at national and international level.

The absolute protagonist is Barbera: the reality of San Damiano d’Asti is essentially simple but lively and loves to meet, know and experiment with new combinations, just like wine.

Among the protagonists of past editions, numerous people of cultural and artistic depth, such as Giovanni Allevi, Giancarlo Caselli, Vittorio Sgarbi, Arisa, Gino Paoli, Enzo Iaccheti, Alessandro Haber, Gabry Ponte, Giusy Ferreri, Annalisa, Anna Maria Barbera, Enrico Ruggeri, Paolo Ruffini, Beppe Braide, Gene Gnocchi, Marco Travaglio, Margherita Oggero, Bruni Gambarotta, Diego Bongiovanni, Edoardo Mecca, Chiara Dello Iavoco, the Vinai and the orchestras of Matteo Trantino, Luigi Gallia, Alex Cabrio.

Visit festival website "La Barbera Incontra"

Numerous festivals promoted by the proloco of the many of San Damiano’s hamlets. By now a consolidated tradition for decades, that of the village festivals. Among the most famous are the feast of San Giulio, the festival of fried mix of Gorzano, the feast of San Giacomo-San Grato and the feast of Vascagliana.

Initiative promoted by the Municipality

Occasionally during the year take part in the markets of hobbysm and minor antiques, with more than 80 banks, which develops throughout the historic center.

Promoted by the ASD Hammer Team and the proloco of San Damiano d’Asti.

Amateur marathon on the hills of San Damiano in conjunctions with the festival ‘’A tutta Birra’’, in the central square of the city.

Initiative proposed by the Municipality in collaboration with the proloco and committees celebrations present in the territory

Food and wine festival that takes place in the central square of the city, accompanied by shows and performances, and moments of shows and performances, and moments of entertainment for the younger audience.

Initiative proposed by the Municipality

Speaking of November also means talking about Truffle, a product of excellence of a territory, such as San Damiano, which around this fantastic resource was able to build a system whose landscape, food, wine, quality of life, the laboriousness and ingenuity of their own people, the cult of traditions... with a look to the future, they represent a whole, a worthy corollary of a territory of extraordinary quality which is Piedmont; and November is the month in which the truffle has always attracted attention as the absolute protagonist of this part of the autumn season and as a prestigious product that from Piedmont has now taken flight to different worlds.

To make the most of the visibility of our Fair will raise the bar, we would like to introduce this as early as 2022.

This is not only to give greater prestige and prominence to an already well-known event, but increase the tourist flows in our territory. This opportunity could benefit the economy of San Damiano, already very much tried by this particular phase of economic situation, and at the same time offer more publicity to the Piedmont territory, not only for the unique landscape but also for the many food and wine excellences.

The organization and management of the event will be managed by the City, but certainly a valid help will come from the proloco, the Regional Wine Cellar Alfieri Hills of Asti and the various local association of the local Capon and the two local association of truffle’s experts recently formed.

The event has become increasingly important over the years, obtaining a well-deserved success of membership both among exhibitors and visitors, but it is also an annual event that owes its fame and fortune to the location in the historic center of ancient origin, linked to history, to the respect and exaltation of past things and so between the places, the historic houses, the church of the eighteen century, the squares articulate proposing curiosity to all visitors.

2022 will be a particularly important year as we intend to increase the number of exhibitors on the "Piazza del Commercio", involving, if possible, also producers from other regions of Italy.

The Fair will continue to make use of some events directly related to it, such as the food and wine festival by the proloco of San Damiano, and the Regional Hills Wine Cellar Alfieri.

During the Fair there are exhibitions of painting or photography of young and emerging artists, debates and conferences on the agricultural sector, food, and wine and socio-cultural set up within the municipal premises.

Initiative proposed by the Municipality

Historical Fair of San Damiano, now its 74th edition, enhances an excellence of typical Piedmontese blond chicks, is the castrated rooster, is calmer, more docile, it loses the characteristic combativeness of the cocks, rarely sings, the feathers are brighter, the cape and the gills longer and flowing, he wattles and the crest atrophy, the body reached by a rooster of the same age, the breeding ‘’wild’’ allows the specimens to gaze freely in fields and meadows, their food is mainly based on farm products and such as to make the meat dish of fine delicacy.

In San Damiano d’Asti, for years, in mid-December, the annual Capon Fair is held, which has always recorded a vast interest, repeated and rewarding. Including among the 12 historical fairs of Monferrato of Asti, it was established in December 1947, opened thanks to the local farms and farmers, with the dual purpose of increasing the quality production of farmyard animals and reviving local trade. Over the years the aims have been fully achieved and the success of the initiative is now assured thanks to the authenticity of the specimens, identifiable by a ring attached to the paw, coming from traditional farms.

In 2009 it obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 2010 the Association of protection of the local capon of San Damiano d’Asti was established, that the members of the breeders and the Municipality of San Damiano d’Asti. The historical Fair aims to promote the breeding of capons of this territory. Belonging to the ‘’blonde’’ breed, the heads are bred following an ancient tradition according to which the capping (castration) is carried out on the chicks of about 1.5 Kg, and also includes the cutting of the crest and wattles, so as to eliminate also secondary sexual characters. A good capon must be clear, without crest, with a small head and a weight between 2.5 and 3.5 Kg. The meat of this animal is much tastier and softer than that of normal chicken and is suitable for the preparation of delicious recipes or even simply boiled and accompanies by bagnèt or other sauces. The capons, reared in free state, are brought every year on display and on sale at the historical fair of the capon of San Damiano that, this year, will have a dense program.

Initiative proposed by the Palio committee of San Damiano in collaboration with the Municipality and the Parish SS Cosma and Damiano.

Thanks to the great success achieved in a short time, the nativity scene of San Damiano d’Asti has now become an expected event, unmissable for visitors from all the region. An event with a value recognized by tourists and professionals and that has led to this new edition to a pleasant novelty: the union in the circuit of the events of the Magic Christmas Country in the Unesco Lands.

Thus San Damiano d’Asti brings the great tradition of its living Nativity scene to the program of events of the Magic Christmas Village of the Terre Unesco, which animates its picturesque center during the Christmas period. The medieval shape of the historic center of San Damiano allows a faithful representation of the past, enriched even more by the visit to the picturesque tunnels that extend throughout the city. The almost one hundred volunteers, on stage every day, so the rest of magic, giving life to all the typical characters of the crib: the bagpiper, the Magi kings, the Roman guards. The laundresses, the carpenters, the shoemakers, the carvers, the bakers, the artisans, the merchants, the blacksmiths and of course the scene of the Nativity, all inserted in the inevitable demonstration such as the minting of coins, the weaving of vases, and the breeding of animals. Everything is then pleasantly accompanied with meals, food and hot drinks.

For the occasion of the important twinning, the usual appointment of the third weekend of December this year will double, and the re-enactment of the live nativity scene will be held on 11-12 December and 18-19 2021.