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The White Truffle

The white truffle is a prestigious product, for the colour, the delicious taste and the intense smell that enrich the plates with which it is garnished. The best quality is collected in the autumn time in the woods of Langhe Monferrato Roero of Piedmont.
San Damiano celebrates the truffle the first Sunday of November. In October, November and December it will be possible to book "the truffle hunting " accompanied by experts.



The capon- in the past times bred in almost all of the farms of Piedmont- is a male chicken that is castrated to increase weight and softness of the meat.
The breeding of this animal is done in compliance with the European legislation which provide for a period of breeding not less than 140 days, castration at 70 days from slaughter and the prevalent nourishment of cereals.
The capon of San Damiano has been recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry as one of the traditional Italian agri-food products.
Capon is a product enjoyed during Christmas. In San Damiano is celebrated, the second Sunday of December, during the "historic fair of capon", when it is served on the square of the Municipality the tasty broth resulting from cooking.



Small sweets with a heart of cream, chocolate and hazelnuts, enclosed by a waffle prepared with hazelnuts, sugar , cocoa and egg white.
They are available in the classic version, with hazelnuts, and the one scented with rum. You can enjoy them at the city’s patisseries.

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